Shared post: benefits of meditation, and a challenge!

Sharing a post regarding the benefits of meditation.

Speaking for myself, I’m no meditation expert, however when I take 10 minutes in the morning and clear my mind or think over the things I have in my life to be grateful for, amazingly my morning and usually my day go much better.


Over the next week, try a simple meditation for just ten minutes in the morning three different days. It’s only ten minutes, right? If you need help search YouTube for “ten minutes of guided meditation“.


Great article regarding separation

Give this article a read. You might find it eye opening.

During prolonged separations, children progress through three phases: protest, despair, and then detachment.

Source: Jessica L. Borelli Ph.D.

Why did you become a parent?

I challenge you: in a sentence, why did you become a parent? It’s one of the most if not the most important responsibility in the world. And arguably, not always the most thankful. What made you do it?

Tip 5: make up stories

This works for some, not for others. Sometimes you can include your kids in the story building. Pro tip here: if you ask you kiddos “can I tell you a story,” if they’re like mine you’ll get the cold shoulder. But, change that phrase to “can I tell you a story about a dragon a knight and a toilet that wouldn’t stop running?” Man, now you’re talking.